mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012


"The Blues" is the new Rotorvator ep 

(the first for Sangue Disken, the fifth since now)made to fill an expressive urgency born after a long period of time spent in the creation of their first official album "I Vivi e I Morti" soon to be out on Crucial Blast/Crucial Blaze, recorded by Marcello Batelli (Planet Brain, Non Voglio Che Clara and Teatro degli Orrori) and mixed by James Plotkin (Khanate, O.L.D., Scorn, Phantomsmasher, Khlyst and many others)

Written and recorded in one month, "The Blues" is an anomaly in the evolutionary trajectory of the band. 
Featuring the song "Who is Earl?" with lyrics and vocals by italian folksinger Comaneci.

"The Blues" is released on a limited edition of 100 numbered cassettes and free download from the 12.12.2012 for a limited period of time on the Sangue Disken bandcamp site and at Rotorvator shows.

lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

Rotorvator - I morti - new video

new video out!

Rotorvator "I morti"
from the upcoming "I vivi e i morti" out soon on Crucial Blast/Crucial Blaze.

Recorded and mixed by Marcello Batelli
Mastered by James Plotkin

giovedì 21 giugno 2012

ROTORVATOR feat COMANECI "who is Earl?" video

This is the new video for a song taken from our forthcoming tape EP "the Blues", out soon on Sangue Disken records.

Lyrics were written and sung by our friend Francesca, from the awesome project Comaneci. She asked us to sing in one of our tracks when she heard us at our very first gig... respect!
Here some information about her group:

giovedì 10 maggio 2012


DIRTMOR/PRC via Pisa 13 sotto la torre più alta di Treviso


Belzebu Katmandu is a free-psychedelic duo from Italy.
It consists of Michele Mazzani 
(guitar, marcification, keyboard) 
and Davide Simonetti (vibes,trumpet,keyboard). 
We take inspiration from majestic music from the likes 
of Sun Ra, Terry Riley, Art Ensemble of Chicago, 
Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler,
 Caribbean traditional music, indian ragas, etc... 
We also like reaching remote environments..

Dirtmor's stuff and snuff and shit and shine


mercoledì 25 aprile 2012


A new song, "Domenica" (taken from our forthcoming full lenght "I vivi e i morti", out sooner or later for Crucial Blast records) is available in "HERESIES 2012" the newest Compilation by Crucial Blast.
Gnaw Their Tongues / Theologian / Wold / Fecalove / Ehnahre / T.O.M.B / Yami Kurae and many more...

Crucial Blast is proud to present Heresies, our newest compilation of sound taken from a wide selection of our current and upcoming titles for 2012. This digital compilation features twenty-three tracks, many of which have not yet been released, from an array of artists that range from cult legends to newly formed purveyors of sonic extremism. The music that's collected here presents a fairly comprehensive cross-section of the sort of music that we specialize in here at Crucial Blast, from the sounds of terrifying blackened industrial, withered cemetary folk, crude black metal, horror electronics, and apocalyptic doom-laden dub mutations, to jet-black ambience, majestic power electronics, putrid goresludge, corrosive black noise, vile death industrial, bizarre necro-electro experiments, avant-garde deathdoom, and twisted basement black psychedelia. Across these twenty-three tracks, you will find the likes of Gnaw Their Tongues, Wold, Sutcliffe Jugend, Funerary Call, Luasa Raelon, Theologian, Ehnahre, Korperschwache, T.O.M.B., Iron Forest, Husere Grav, Reclusa, Time Moth Eye (mem. of Stone Breath), Fecalove, Lucifers Foreskin, Mors Sonat (members of Gnaw Their Tongues and Nekrasov), Glass Coffin, Crown Of Bone (ex-Demonologists), Yami Kurae, Project:Void, Pusdrainer, Rotorvator, and Actuary. More than two hours of aural horror, crepuscular beauty, and bone-rattling heaviness, carefully selected for your pleasure.  


mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

giovedì 22 marzo 2012


RotorVator is an Industrial/Electronic/Black-Metal Band from Italy.

Rototvator play a wonderfully strange hybrid of Electronic Rock and industrial Metal blended mainly with a huge dose of Black Metal. Well I haven’t heard much of that sort of style of music so KUDOS for the band for opening my mind to their brilliant and strange world.

Well Rotorvator have been going for a few years now and have released a few EP’s which two are available for free Download from their BandCamp Page.

But it’s their latest EP – Heaven which the guys have asked me to look at. What you get is 3 tracks on for 15 mins or so. But it’s an absolute blast of great Electronic Rock/Industrial Metal blended in with great Black Metal riffs.

These guys are really doing something special with their style of music. Throw in some great vocals as well and Heaven is a great EP to show what this band can truly do.

There are added cool distorted noise effects as well which will have you startled and intrigued from the word go.

The EP is superbly played and produced by all involved and shows a great band with a truly original vision. These guys remind me of Genghis Tron in many ways in how they blended their different genres into something you don’t hear much of. Always a great sign in my book.

These guys are a lot heavier but they have the same sort of brilliant experimental nature. Imagine if Nine Inch Nails decided to release a Black Metal album then this would be the crazed and wonderful result.

Awesome stuff. The 3 tracks show this bands talent to great effect. They really know how to right a superb out-there song in the realm of Black Metal. They deserve praise for doing this.

This band have the potential to be the next big thing in Experimental Black Metal and they are a band you will be hearing more of later in 2012 as they are releasing their debut full length on Crucial Blast Records.

And I for one will be buying myself a copy to see where these guys can go on a full length record. As I feel 15 minutes is not enough to experience this great band’s talent and vision.

You can buy this brilliant EP for the low price of £3 and you can download their live earlier release for free. These guys deserve your attention now. Great Stuff Guys. Can’t wait for the full length record.

Highly Recommended.

sabato 17 marzo 2012

Rotorator HEAVEN ep first review!

Do not adjust your stereo. The sound you are hearing is not of this world. Something dark and ominous has found a way to slip through the cracks and it's name is Rotorvator. From their own page (link below) we are offered this by way of explanation: "Rotorvator performs violent rituals constantly inspired by everything that is unbearable and unfathomable to the human mind. Its vision of music is one of loud, raw and deliberately offensive sounds, messing up black metal, noise, industrial and psychedelia." Actually, this 3-track EP plays out as if someone had opened up the Necronomicon and decided what the world needed more than anything was a black metal band made up of deadites. With that out in the open it would be wise to arm yourself for what awaits.Whenever you read the words aloud from the book of the dead things get downright twisted. This band was obviously raised on the book of the dead as much as they were extreme black metal and the music of rotted psychedelic rock stars. Find out why this one creeps me out at the link below. Be warned though this one is dark and dismal folks.

by Andy @

martedì 13 marzo 2012


Our brand new 3 tracks EP "Heaven" is out now on our Bandcamp.

You can listen to the whole EP for free or, if you want to support us, buy it for only 3 EUR (thanks in advance!).
Physical copies will be available at gigs only!

This EP will be soon followed by another EP - "Blues" - out on Dokuro Records
and by our first full-length album, out on Crucial Blast/Crucial Blaze.

If you'd like to share the EP on your blog/site that would be much appreciated!

For reviewers: please drop a line (rotorvatorblack (AT) gmail (DOT) com) and we'll send you a direct link to download your own digital copy of the EP!

Thanks in advance

martedì 21 febbraio 2012

new track "From the wounds"

new track "From the wounds"
taken from the upcomin' Heaven EP
recorded and mixed by Marcello Batelli.

20 Feb. 2012 / Transmitted on WRUW-fm 91.1 / Ohio

"delicius delusions of a discriminating mind".
monday afternoons from 2-4 on wruw 91.1 thieveland.
listen on line at