martedì 1 novembre 2011

NERO EP / live album, recorded at SANTARCANGELO DEI TEATRI 2010 available in free download, with booklet included


concept, images and installation Eva Geatti e Nicola Toffolini
music Rotorvator
animation video Emanuele Kabu / Cosmesi
project and technical collaboration Michele Bazzana
audio-video programming Frank Halbig
sound designer Marcello Batelli
staging Davide Macor
technical advice Enrico Lain and Tommaso Pecile
produced by Cosmesi and CSS Teatro stabile d'innovazione del FVG
supported by Santarcangelo 4

Rotorvator Live @ SUPERFLUO turns BLACK almost GREY (Padova)

sabato 22 ottobre 2011



First appointment with the sound experiments for Superfluo project. 

Three projects that investigate the shadows, the subtle, a no man's land 
suspended between industrial, neo-folk, ambient and black metal. 
This time, the Central Park will take turns on stage K11, 
an audio visual project by Pietro Riparbelli.For this event he proposes 
"He tries to like us" where he has documented extrapolated 
and amplified the historical backgroundof the ex-mental hospital of Volterra. 
Raskol'nikov investigates the relationship between sound 
its thaumaturgical effect and finally the magma and the pure 
adrenaline discharge of Rotorvator.

SATURDAY 29 OCTOBER 2011 from 21.00

Central Park
via Annibale da Bassano 1


giovedì 6 ottobre 2011


The media report of  CARACATASTROFE 
/ Drodesera 2011 (22-30 July)
Special projects, interviewsphotographs,
video installations and performances


video: Lino Greco in collaborazione con 

Emanuela Macchniz, Marco Vitale 
per Zelig scuola di documentario, 
televisione e nuovi media – Bolzano
foto: Alessandro Sala, Sara Bugoloni
web editing, cura / foto backstage:

martedì 30 agosto 2011

the plague rides at dawn

A new project featuring merlo and XV from Rhuith, TPRAD is low-fi, improvised, old school black death in its rawest form. You won't find anything vaguely experimental in here.

The first demo is out now for War Command, you can buy it here:

More filthy offerings are in the work...

lunedì 13 giugno 2011


we are proud to be on the shelves of a store that's old enough that when it was established music tapes were the future.

here the review:
It's been a while since we've heard from Italian one man black metal band Rhuith, who had a penchant for strange covers, including Depeche Mode, Placebo and Portishead. On this brand new tape, he teams up with fellow Italian noisemaker Rotorvator, for a truly twisted and brilliantly tweaked chunk of abstract industrial pop flecked blackness. The opening track sets the stage, with its simple motorik drumming, swirling shimmery atmospheres, bizarre howled vocalizations, and blasts of blown out industrial crunch, which eventually leads into the second track, a much more metal proposition, but still weirdly industrial and also seriously twisted, the guitars murky and buzzy, the drums mechanical and super distorted, the vocals a buried in the mix monstrous growl, the whole thing laces with weird almost techno sounding synth stabs, the vocals getting more and more croaky, over the churning trancelike rhythm, the sound shifting from muted and muddy, to bright and brittle, everything hazy and washed out but still distorted and seriously heavy.
The rest of the record spirals into creepy depressive dirge, spidery minor key guitar melodies, hushed haunting falsetto vox, clomping percussive thumps, thick squalls of psychedelic blacknoise, an ultra distorted noise drenched blackened pound, infused with wild shrieks, detuned guitar crumble, and swirling buzz, which slips into a murky gurgly drone, before exploding again into some super distorted, raw and frantic black metal pound, the guitars in-the-red, the vocals super hot and WAY up in the mix, the drums a robotic programmed d-beat. Eventually the sound slips into something more spaced out and synthy, even a little new agey, the sounds panned hard careening from speaker to speaker, laced with stuttery chopped up rhythms, deep growled vox, chiming harmonics, streaks of effects and glitched out electronics, the tape speed constantly in flux, the distorted sounds growing more and more distorted, the bass woozy and pulsing, a sort of low slung new wave that quickly transforms into a hysterical noise metal plod, that pounds and pounds until the tape runs out.
So bizarre, and bafflingly brilliant, noisy and sort of poppy, rhythmic and atmospheric and just totally far out. But sadly CRAZY limited. We got about 10 copies, and will NOT be able to get any more. Comes in a cool black and white fold out poster sleeve.

martedì 26 aprile 2011

February tape is out.

Finally, our first release with fellow black metal weirdo Rhuith is out on Dokuro records: you can order it here.

If you think that our music is a bit strange (we don't), wait until you listen to this one. Fuck, there is even an house music sample!

In the meantime, watch the video for the opening track, "Vulpecula, inedia confecta" before the evil forces of the Vatican Empire take it down.

mercoledì 6 aprile 2011


Here something from the very first Rotorvator recording session.
Initially written for our self-titled ep, Reapers vanished for two years and everybody forgot about it until some days ago.
It's a messy, raw and unrelenting affair and we still love this child of ours as the day we conceived it.

Reapers - 2008 (unreleased) by Rotorvator

lunedì 14 marzo 2011

Rotorvator + Rhuith - Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)

We are proud to announce that Dokuro records is about to release the "February" cassette, first of an hopefully long series of collaborative efforts between Rotorvator and one man black metal extravaganza Rhuith.
The bulk of the material was recorded during a joint session in winter 2010, but recently we decided to add two bonus tracks.
Here you can listen to the first one, a cover of the Ur Metal standard Paranoid. 
If you have ever listened to Rhuith, you can clearly hear the same great sensibility in making a cover the way it must be done! 
We'll have more information about "February" soon.  

lunedì 7 marzo 2011

Cosmesi split Rotorvator - NEROep - promo

The complete live-set will be out in free download soon.

NEROep - track01 - Live @ Santarcangelo2010 by Rotorvator


Everybody knows that Myspace 2.0 sucks bad, so it was mandatory for us to open a new blog that from now on will be the only Rotorvator official information source.
You'll find news, photo, videos and of course music regarding Rotorvator and related projects.

We'll never update myspace and answer to myspace mails anymore.
So please update your feed rss and if you want to get in touch with us write to:

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